Question about Feminist .

Since we have talked about Feminist in the class,I had a question which is "Is feminism dividing our society?"

Today we see many feminist groups with their hardline attitude. It seems that they want women to dominate the world and don't want men to have a say.

I hard that this especially hurtful in India because we still value our culture and marital union. Gentle and accepting behaviour is the tradition of indian women. By going aggressive, are they actually losing their feminine qualities?

Also, if women have same rights as men, then why do we need women's rights? Should they be included in human rights? What is more satisfying for a woman to have a happy husband and family? Can a job be better than family and marriage?

I'm don't know about it exactry.
But I think Feminism dividing our society.

If women need the same rights as men, why women need a special rights/reservations?
I think it's the reservation system to be removed and it should be general only.
I believe in India the Indian Women are enjoying the real freedom in mind and life as there are no restrictions, and they are enjoying the same rights as of men.

Once if we give a separate privilege,rights,reservation to a special community-not as religion it will divide our society as the disturbances in mind will growing up due to these things...

Give equal rights, but not give one with more rights,reservations...
Anywhere in the world, to have a happy husband/wife and family will be more satisfying for men/women, than any other things.

I think obviously the culture, traditions and marital union will collapse when one get more than other. Most of western/other countries not having this much family values like India, so they can raise their voice for feminism.

I want to know what you guys think about this?

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  1. Women throughout the world seem to still have much less rights than men do. I don't think that men (some at least) want to give any power to women over them. I agree with you Asumi that women's rights should be "human rights" but the world society has placed women in their own category over eons of time. I believe in a few points that feminists make in their arguments seeing that they deserve the same exact rights as men do. I don't think feminism is taking over or dividing society, it is just another important cause for some that they need to express out loud.

  2. I do believe that if the feminist movement gets out of control there won't be any actual womanly figures around. Nobody will want to be a mother because it will be viewed as lower class. I believe that woman can be strong in their beliefs and still be proud to be a girlie woman.