President Obama!!

Barack Obama is now the President of the United States of America . I'm so excited!!!

Well for one thing, I really think that he is a very intelligent man, and he has a good understanding of the problems facing America.

Many Japanese friends ask me, “Will President Obama be able to fix America?” Well, I couldn't ansuwer completely. But he will do his best to repair some things, and I think that he was the best choice of all people running in the past election.

But I think that Japan will be playing a more active role in the future Japanese/American relationship. During the Cold War, and since then, military security has always been at the top of the agenda for the Japanese and American governments.

However, in my opinion, the greatest dangers facing the planet are Climate Change, and depletion of oil resources. A secondary danger is financial collapse.

When I lived in Japan, almost everyday, the media tals about Climate Change. I'm not sure but I think that very few American people really understand the dangers posed by Climate Change. I hard that they think that we are merely in a cycle, things will soon return to normal.

And here is the problem with President Obama. People do understand that the Bush administration did create a lot of problems. But they expect that the new President, Barack Obama, will make everything the same as it was before.

Howevery, I think that is not possible. The financial crisis will become even worse in America this year. President Obama understands this. In his inaugural speech, has said that people must be responsible in their business practices.

Now, not only is there a crisis of unemployment, there is also a housing crisis with people being unable to afford their homes. The number of homeless people, many of them families, is rapidly increasing.

Many people are expecting President Obama to bring satisfaction; I think they will be surprised when he tells them that they have to change their lives if the nation is to survive. But this is necessary.

And Barack Obama is the best man for the job.

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