Men's Movemnt

I'm taking COMM 350R which I learn about Gender, Culture, Communication. First a month, we disused feminist, now we learned Men’s Movement. So, it was interesting for me but I didn’t know exactly what Men’s Movement is. So, I researched men’s movement on the internet.

This is what I learn. The men’s movement is a fascinating and vexing phenomenon that is part of the important history of gender change in the United States and the world. Men are finally engaging the challenges of feminism and rethinking what it means to be a man in today’s society. At stake in this “crisis of masculinity” is the future of the family, the economy, and the society as a whole. This book examines the cultural imagery and the actions of the men of the mythopoeia men’s movement in particular, examining their ideas, goals, and behavior.

I think the underlying problem that has caused the formation of the movement is that women have more or less successfully broken out of their archaic role, while men have yet to do so. Add to that the shame inflicted on men as a whole, and being male isn't necessarily the paradise some feminists make it out to be. In my opinion, this is a critical problem in need of solving, because I believe that in this matter, nobody is free before all is free. With women largely having liberated themselves from their old roles and men still stuck in their archaic ones, everyone wins if the male half of society manages to pull itself out of this outdated swamp. The school of feminism that stresses freedom and equality seems to agree, whereas the school of feminism that is mostly intent on making men suffer, predictably, disagrees. I think the latter is a minority, but I'm not a feminist, I wouldn't know.

The largest and most embarrassing error the men's movement committed was that part of it pointed to women as the enemy and oppressor. This is silly for two reasons: The whole discussion quickly degenerates into a "who-is-most-oppressed" competition, and besides, modern advanced civilizations are perfectly capable of oppressing both sexes. Women don't get the highest-paid jobs; men take jobs that kill them. Women are expected to both do professional work and tend to children if they have any; men get forced into military duty. The oppressor is not one sex, but the sexless social mechanisms that have been oppressing us all for millennia.

The problem with the movement is the same problem that faces modern feminists: Men's movements and women's movements are really a stupid way to go about fixing this problem. What we need is an anti-sexist movement that doesn't have the implicit agenda of advancing one sex over

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